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Over 40 years of experience in gastronomy allow us to offer you a wide variety of first quality products Delicias de España serves from a well-prepared Spanish breakfast, a special lunch, a merienda (afternoon snack) and dinner, to all kinds of food for any celebration not to mention our homemade pastry.

Our dishes are based on traditional Spanish cuisine and carefully

elaborated following our recipes with first quality ingredients.

Fresh fish and seafood are received directly from Spain twice a week.

Experience the taste of the Cantabric Sea in Miami.


Our menu changes every day:

From Monday through Friday we offer a special lunch (appetizer, main course and dessert) . Delightful breakfasts such as eggs with Serrano ham and sausage or our famous “Huevos a la Flamenca”

On weekdays, in the afternoons we serve the traditional “Chocolate con churros”. We prepare from assorted platters of hors d’oeuvres to more elaborated plates for your party and of course, a wide variety of cakes.


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Jamón de Jabujo, Cinco Jotas.

Almond pie Delicias de España in house Spanish Bakery

Tarta de Santiago, almond based pie with powdered sugar on top, typical from Santiago de Compostela. (Saint James')


Now available Online anywhere in the United States.

A Sweet Delivery from Delicias de España, our signature Homemade Tarta de Santiago.

Iberitos - Simply perfect Appetizer

Iberitos - Simply perfect Appetizer


Pates and Bread Spread from Huerta Dehesa - Simply Perfect Appetizer

Serve this paté with an array of crudités and your guests will be delighted! It is a perfect and easy solution for appetizer at your next party.

Just open the can and spread it on!



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Bath & Perfumes

    Babaria, Nenuco, Avena Kinesia, Maja España, Tous,

    Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Alvarez Dominguez, PMB,

    Magno, Agua de Sevilla, Heno de PraviaNaturVital,

    Adolfo Domínguez, Denenes, Royal Ambree, La Toja,

    Varon Dandy, Instituto Español, Lactovit, Farina Plata.

• Jewelry & Bijoux

    Silver Jewelry Crafts from Canarias 'Caladas'

    Mallorca Pearls

• Abanicos | Spanish fans

• Mantones de Manila de Seda

• Baby & Children Clothes

    Teresa Rodríguez, Sonata Infantil, Tricot, Zaida, Ancar

     José Varón

• Baby Dolls

    Mariquita Pérez, Miel de Abejas, Antonio Juan

• Leather from Ubrique

• Avarcas & Alpargatas

• Linens | Manteleria Artesanal de Lagartera


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This Holiday make it a memorable one. None of our senses brings back memories like the sense of taste. Turrones, polvorones, hojaldradas, chocolates or bombones represent the Christmas time in any Spanish home like no other sweets.. Here in the United State

you can find all of the classic holidays sweets from the finest brands like 1880, El Artesano, Doña Jimena, La Estepeña, Trias and more...


Share the joy of Spanish goods & holiday sweets with friends and family.

Only the Best from Spain

Our brands are hand-selected by our team of experts. With 18 years imported the best of Spanish.


Turrones and Sweets by 1880 , El Artesano, Doña Jimena, La Estepeña, Trias, DelaViuda, El Gaitero..

Jamones/ Spanish Ham by Cinco Jotas, Fermin, Monte Nevado, Marcos Salamanca

Quesos/Cheeses: El Gran Cardenal, El Hidalgo, La Peral, Manchego, Cabrales, Campomancha. Sheep Cheese, Goat Cheese, Cow Milk Cheese ...


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A taste from Spain

Sheep's Milk Cheese - El Gran Cardenal

A treasure from the Galician Rias - Ramon Peña


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Nenuco Baby Cologne - Reminiscence of Spanish Childhood


Fabada Asturiana para 4 personas :

La receta de la Fabada Asturias es muy simple aunque varios factores pueden echar a perder las Fabes.

Lo primero que haremos es dejar las Fabes en remojo la noche anterior .

En una olla amplia ponemos las fabes con el chorizo, jamón serrano, tocino, morcilla, cebolla y una hoja de laurel.

Cubrimos de agua fria como tres dedos por encima y lo cocinamos a fuego alto hasta que rompe a hervir, de hay bajamos el fuego alto a suave y agregamos un poco de agua fría (asustar) .

Dejamos cocinarlo de 2-3 horas simplemente moviendo la holla y nunca con una cuchara. Ya cuando las fabe estén bien cocinadas las probaremos y añadiremos la sal al gusto.

Retirar del fuego y dejarla reposar unos 10 minutos. Acompañarla con Sidra.


Isabel Miranda



• 1 Lb Fabes -  Beans from Asturias

• 2 Chorizos

• 2 Morcillas - Blood sausages

• 1/4 Lb Tocino

• 0.4 Lb  Jamón - Ham




Delicias de España handpick the best Spanish Wines Red, Whites, Sherry and Cava for our customers.

Visit our selection Online of Crianza red wines - Altos de Corral, Crianza 2008, El Buscador de la Rica Crianza 2010,

De Muller Crianza 2007, Ernesto Llerandi Crianza, Pago de Carraovejas 2012, Prado Rey 2009, Ramón Bilbao 2011, Perqueras, Cunes, Valduero 2009, Siglo 2011.

Whites wines/Albariños: Lenda, Mar de Frades, Marques de Vizhoja, Nessa, Santiago Ruiz, Torre la Moreira...

Everything from Spain...

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